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You need surgery, but the risks of potential neurological complications worry you?Reduce those risks to below 1% with Rampart Neurophysiology's input.

Rempart Neurophysiology

is your Guardian Angel throughout your surgical procedure.

It is your megaphone while you are asleep. As you know, every surgery carries risks of neurological complications; sometimes reaching as high as 40-50%. Rampart’s clinicians work alongside the surgeon and anesthesiologist to mitigate those risks of neurological complications. Believe it or not, those risks are reduced to below 1% with Rampart’s input. Such results translate into a shorter hospital stay, a shorter recovery and a faster return to your daily activities. But most importantly, all this is achieved without complications and post-operative deficits. If you are awaiting surgery, do not hesitate to discuss Rampart’s services with your surgeon. If you wish to retain our services, but your hospital does not have a service agreement with Rampart, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn about your options.

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